Taking the Simpler Path to Producing RSS Subscribers

RSS is actually nonetheless removed from being user-friendly, which is particularly evident when you try to left-click on an RSS subscribe button.

Normally your browser will merely show the XML code of the RSS feed … which doesn’t go far in making web customers comftorable with RSS.

Heck, if you happen to did not know what RSS was and clicked on an RSS button solely to get a web page filled with code you do not perceive, would that assist in turning you in to an RSS consumer?

In all probability no. And far worse, you’d in all probability by no means think about clicking on a type of buttons once more, at the very least not any time quickly.

Consequently, if as a marketer you are making an attempt to generate RSS subscribers, merely utilizing an RSS subscribe button is the worst solution to go for you and for the RSS trade as an entire as properly.

So, what options are there?


Should you’re making an attempt to generate RSS subscribers out of your website and are concentrating on audiences which may not be farmiliar with RSS, you want at the very least a primary presentation of what RSS is in your website, and you should hyperlink to that both immediately from the RSS subscribe button or from a location proper subsequent to that button, like you’ll be able to see on the MarketingStudies.web instance.

On this web page you must clarify in easy-to-understand phrases what RSS is, how your guests can use it and the way they’re going to profit, after which present hyperlinks to some RSS readers and once more hyperlinks to your RSS feeds.

This web page shall be instrumental in telling your guests about RSS and serving to them subscribe to your feeds waphsmycken.se.

And naturally, the feeds themselves and the RSS presentation web page ought to be promoted in distinguished areas in your web site, particularly immediately under your e-mail e-zine subscription field and, if you happen to’re publishing matter oriented feeds, subsequent to their respective subjects on the location.


Having a hyperlink to an RSS presentation web page proper subsequent to your RSS subscribe button does assist guests in studying about RSS and helps them to subscribe, however it nonetheless does not clear up the issue of a consumer truly clicking on an RSS feed button. That can nonetheless outcome within the customer getting heaps of code he actually will not know what to do with.

Going one step additional, you should utilize XSL Transformations to guarantee that the feed can in reality even be displayed in a browser (with out making it ineffective for an RSS reader as properly) … and that with some further data and directions, reminiscent of a short overview of RSS and a fast clarification on how the consumer can subscribe to this feed through an RSS reader.

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